Nathalie Dauphinais

Nathalie Dauphinais
Research Assistant
Agriculture et Agroalimentaire Canada/Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

Centre de R&D en Horticulture / Horticulture R&D Center
430 Gouin Blvd. 
St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec
J3B 3E6 - Canada

Gouvernement du Canada / Government of Canada

Nathalie Dauphinais has worked in the nematology laboratory at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada's Research and Development Center with Guy BĂ©lair and Dr. Benjamin Mimee since May 1998.  She is a specialist in the identification of plant-parasitic nematodes and is in charge of field and greenhouse trials on Pratylenchus penetrans, Meloidogyne hapla, Globodera rostochiensis and Ditylenchus dipsaci.  She also works in collaboration with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency to develop new sampling and evaluation techniques for G. rostochiensis. For the GLOBAL project, Nathalie is responsible for the collection and multiplication of Globodera populations from around the world and the development of a qRT-PCR assay for the evaluation of the viability of G. rostochiensis, G. pallida and G. ellingtonae. She also serves as the confinement and biological security officer for the Research and Development Center.

Nathalie Dauphinais is from Quebec, Canada, where she received a BSc in Ecology and a MSc in Entomology from the University of Quebec at Montreal. 

Professional Degree